Calm, Quiet, Natural Setting

Boarding & Facilities

Our spacious paddocks allow horses to romp at their leisure or nap peacefully in the shade of their shelters. our shed row horses are turned out daily into one of the large paddocks where they can graze and roll to their hearts content. Horses here relax in the calm, quiet, natural setting. Once they’ve moved in, they’ll never want to leave.


We live on site and provide all of the daily horse and property care personally. The horses are given a thorough once-over twice-a-day during feeding times, and are visible from our kitchen window at all times.

Feed & Nutritional Program

We provide quality grass hay and alfalfa in quantities tailored to your horse’s dietary needs. We also supply a grain regimen of oats, soaked beet pulp and/or one of our stocked pelleted grains every evening, and will mix in your supplied supplements.


  • Paddock
  • $625
  • New 1/2 acre paddocks with shelters
  • 2 horse per paddock limit
  • Heated automatic waterers
  • Blanketing included
  • Large Runs "Shed Row"
  • $825
  • 20'x40' runs with shelters
  • Daily turn-out included
  • Heated automatic waterers
  • Blanketing included

As improvements are made on property, board will be increasing. Please call us to come out for a tour.


We’d love to be your horse’s home away from home when you’re on the road. Located an easy 5 miles from I-25, we’re convenient to anyone traveling through the state. overnight horses looking for a good night’s sleep can relax in the quiet 12’x40’ shed row stalls with heated automatic waterers and rubber mat footing. We require a current negative Coggins and a health certificate.

The current overnight rate is $25.


When choosing a new home for your equine friend, there are many things to think about. Please contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to go into more detail.

On our spacious 25 acres we have the following:

  • NEW 1/2 acre paddocks with shelters
  • NEW 12’x40’ Shelter pens
  • 90’x120’ fully-lit indoor arena
  • Regulation-sized 20m x 60m dressage court
  • Large 100’x200’ outdoor arena with jumps available
  • Riding trail around the perimeter of the property
  • Large galloping field
  • Indoor tack-up area with plenty of storage
  • Plenty of hitching posts
  • Outdoor wash rack
  • Quality grass hay and/or alfalfa feed twice a day
  • Grain plus your supplements once a day
  • Heated automatic waterers
  • Heated indoor bathroom inside the main tack barn
  • Owners live on-site

Here is a short list of what you should consider: Living space & turnout · Food & water quality · Riding options & space · Special care (blanketing and supplements) · Tack storage · Barn atmosphere · Security